Staring out my kitchen window…

Looking out my kitchen window, waiting for the rain to start. I really need to do some painting outside, but since the impending rain put the kabosh on that, I decided to start a blog. Oh yeah, with absolutely NO idea what I’m doing. Which is pretty much the way I roll all the time!

We eat pretty good around here most of the time and people are always asking me for recipes or ideas about what to cook. So I decided to just put it out there for friends, family, anyone else who wants to know What Mom’s Cooking!

So that’s the idea. If I’m cooking something good, I’ll let you know. Probably won’t be much in the way of breakfast foods. Usually all I want is a big cup of coffee and a little something to keep it company. Lunch I eat out as often as humanly possible because, truth be told, I HATE TO COOK!

What? A cooking blog from someone who hates to cook? Absolutely. How many of us really LIKE to cook most of the time? I mean you spend an hour or more fixing some terrific meal, the thundering herd wolfs it down in fifteen minutes, then you’re left staring at a half hour’s worth of dirty dishes. It’s an endless, mind numbing cycle.

But before you lose faith, I almost always cook dinner. I do like to cook when it’s important. I actually do like to try new recipes (which most of the time turn out to be terrible). And I’ve spent 60+ years collecting an eclectic bunch of favorite recipes I will now pass on to anyone who wants them. Enjoy!