Raviolis are a Must!

Making raviolis for the holidays is a family tradition. I’m especially not going to deny my daughter-in-law her Christmas ravilolis because frankly, she’s a little scary and I have strong self preservation instincts. I’m only half Italian, but we are not a brave people.

This year I taught a neighbor and fellow pizano how to make this Italian food of the Gods. I started a day ahead with a little boring prep work for the filling, then Susan joined me the next morning to make magic happen.

I tried my best to take pictures along the way. I didn’t take one of the browning of the onions, parsley & garlic because I was typing this while the were cooking and they got a little, shall we say, extra well done. Nobody wants to see that & I didn’t want to leave any evidence. Hopefully nobody will notice because I’m too lazy to go buy more parsley and start over. Now that’s home cookin’!

I’m hoping people will say, “My, the raviolis are deliciously different this year. They have a subtle, smoky flavor, that really pops!” Well, that’s my fantasy and I’m sticking with it.

Anyhow check out my recipe for Noni’s Ravioli, and hopefully you can make the magic happen for yourself. Just don’t try multi-tasking while you’re supposed to be cooking.

I think I posted a photo of my Noni already, but she was so cute, it bears repeating. Here’s Noni, with me and my Mom at my wedding. Noni was wearing low heels. I was wearing flats. Yes, she was little but she was a MIGHTY fine cook!