Mug Muffins

I’m really obsessed with the idea of a mug muffin, a single serving tasty treat ready in only minutes, fresh from the microwave. I’m also not really a big fan of breakfast. Sometimes I really love to dig into the whole big breakfast, but on a day to day basis, not so much.

My idea of the perfect breakfast starts with coffee, ends with coffee, with something sweet with no redeeming value somewhere in the middle. Like donuts, scones, cookies, toast. Pretty much anything I can stick in my face that requires no effort, just to keep the coffee company. I know I should be ashamed, but hey, it is what it is.

I am trying to be better though, working on the challenge of having a healthy breakfast, a little tasty treat, while making as little effort as possible. Voila! Enter the mug muffin.

This sounds like a great solution, but execution has proved to be difficult. If it tastes good, you might as well eat a cupcake. If it’s healthy, you might as well eat cardboard. I finally gave up trying other people’s recipes and came up with a banana nut mug muffin that’s easy, healthy, gluten free, and best of all, Mr Man actually LIKES it! Hey Mikey! (If you don’t get that, you’re not old yet.)

So I submit my recipe for a banana nut mug muffin. It firms up a little as it cools off, but who can wait that long? So you pretty much have to eat it with a spoon. It’s soft, moist, sweet, and pretty darn good. It would even pass as a dessert, maybe with a little cream cheese frosting or vanilla glaze. So much for healthy!

Author: MOM

Cards on the table, I'm NOT a chef. Most of the time, I don't really even like to cook. But, I ALWAYS love to eat!....and I've had a lifetime of great cooks in my family showing me what good food's supposed to taste like. People are always asking me for recipes, asking what I'm cooking, so here you go. What I cook is probably as bizarre as my kids think I am. Sometimes healthy, sometimes artery clogging. Sometimes gourmet, sometimes just a quick fix to fill an empty place. Sometimes secret Italian family recipes, sometimes quick dump and stir out of cans. That's the way I roll. Take what you please, leave the rest. It's not brain surgery.

2 thoughts on “Mug Muffins”

  1. Hey. If you came up with the recipe, I know it will be good. Definitely going to try this. And good for you with the healthy eating. I’m trying my own version with smoothies that Deann came up with, really good! Try 1 C vanilla almond milk, 1C various berries or 1/2 C berry and 1/2C my moms frozen peaches I have a million of, 1/2 banana, 1T flax seed, 1T chia seed, 1/2 C baby kale or spinach, If I’m really hungry I throw in a small activia yogurt, because, well, you know. 2 of these a day gets all your fiber and are roughly 250 calories a piece. 80 calories more with the yogurt. I’ve also added PB Fit (which is powdered peanut butter-protein without the fat) a couple times instead of the yogurt. Just need a little more milk. Surprisingly satisfying, and helps my sweet tooth which is ginormous. Still love your blogs.

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