Reality Check

Mr. Man wanted to go to the grocery store with me the other day. Silly me, I thought he just wanted an outing with the wife, a little togetherness, a little bonding over the mundane chores of daily life.

So I was happily cruising through the store thinking, “Well, isn’t this nice?”, when I looked down, and a slab of baby back ribs had somehow magically jumped into the shopping cart. Ah, now the veil was lifted and all became clear. So much for true love.

So I fixed awesome, man pleasing, bbq pork ribs for dinner last night. You can use regular ribs, but I like the baby backs because they have a higher sauce to meat ratio and the sauce is yummy, a little Texas meets Asia flavor.

These are great for parties. You can get them prepped ahead of time, then finish them up on the grill at the last minute. They’re falling-off-the-bone tender, and sticky good. I’ve tried lots of ways to fix pork ribs, but these are the best by far.

Made some roasted cauliflower too. Merl prefers his dripping with cheese sauce, but he said it was pretty good and ate it all, so I’ll call that a win. Besides, he got his ribs so veggies were my choice. Mashed potatoes weren’t a very colorful addition, but today begins the eight week Whole Life Challenge, and white potatoes are forbidden, so it was my last chance!

pork rib dinner

Cast Iron Chef

Again, lots of work today, tired, and not really motivated to make a mess in the kitchen. So I drug out the cast iron skillet.

Throw it all in a skillet. Cook it up. Slap in on a plate. That’s how I roll sometimes. Who needs Hamburger Helper?

Did I mention, I love my cast iron skillet? It’s pretty non-stick, weighs a ton so you can get in a good upper body workout, and it doubles as a defensive weapon. Lodge makes a nice, pre-seasoned 10″ skillet with lid that of course you can get from Amazon. Everybody got one for Christmas last year. Did they appreciate it? Probably not. But nobody could say it didn’t fit!

So tonight it was good old Pork Chop Skillet Dinner. Tomorrow I might actually cook something.

pork chop skillet dinner