Crescent Roll Beerocks

I love beerocks. What’s not to love? But most often you get a wad of too much bread, with some too wet filling inside, that isn’t all that tasty. And then if you want to make them at home, you have to make bread, or at least get some frozen bread, and wait for it to thaw, and rise, and make the beerocks. And you have to make way too many, just to make it worthwhile, because you have all that bread. And now you have a whole afternoon invested and you’re still starving. Or maybe it’s just me.

Anyway, years ago I found this recipe that I think was from one of those Pillsbury bake-off contests, where you get some crappy prize for making something edible with one of their products. But this one’s a winner! OK, they’re definitely not on anyone’s healthy diet plan, and certainly not cheap to make, but they’re fast and easy and delicious. I mean, they’re made with crescent rolls, what could be better? Don’t they look yummy? You want some. You know you do. Listen to your bad self and make some crescent roll beerocks.

beerock dinner

For The Carnivore

Tri-tip Sandwiches cropped

My husband Merl likes meat, meat, and more meat. His idea of eating veggies is putting lettuce and tomato on his burger. He’ll hardly eat a salad unless it’s covered in Thousand Island dressing, topped with croutons, and doesn’t have any of those “radical” vegetables like cucumbers or beets…or even avocados! I don’t know how we’ve stayed married for almost 37 years. Probably because like when we ate lunch out yesterday, he had his thing & I had a salad.

So having had my salad for the day, I made his favorite carnivore Tri-Tip Sandwiches for dinner (with a side of coleslaw which he’ll eat because it’s sweet and therefore has seemingly no redeeming value). The real plus here is if he wants to eat, he has to go out and grill the meat. I’m already Queen of the Kitchen, I refuse to be Princess of the Grill too. Remember, if you do a job well, it’s yours for life. So my advice ladies is just keep feigning incompetence where the grill is concerned. You’re doing him a favor. A man has to have his pride after all!

Although this really isn’t much of a recipe, nobody else make them like this, and it’s a lot faster than having to grill a whole tri-tip just to make a sandwich. Enjoy!